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jam central Jam Central is the main repository for all basic information about Space Jam: A New Legacy. Here you can find the film's production notes, information about the filmmakers, and a 4K version of the theatrical trailer. In theory, different photos from the film are also posted and replaced with new ones every week, although we can’t make any promises. Photos from the Film
The Trailer
Press Breaks
jam central A newly-discovered planet, head here to connect with King James, the Tune Squad, the Goon Squad, and all the other characters in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe. Tweety's Twitter
Sticker Pack
fun and activities An area of the site reserved especially for kids, Junior Jam is full of games, information about the Looney Tunes, photos from the film and basketball tips. Also included is a printable coloring book to keep them busy offline when you need to use the computer.
Also in this section are several “hidden” references to Tweety Bird and Taz defacing the web site. Also some sort of reference to Larry Bird.
Activity Pages
Pinball Game
Candy Crush
AR Lens
"Pose with the Tune Squad" AR
(Coming Soon)
lunar tunes Republic Records presents the soundtrack to Space Jam: A New Legacy -- see the artists, hear the songs, and get ready to jam to the soundtrack. Featuring songs by Lil Baby, Kirk Franklin, and More! The Soundtrack
Pass the Ball
stellar souvenirs Get your 'Jam junk right here. Download sound clips and virtual backgrounds, and more. The following are no longer available: “send electronic postcards via the Internet” (pls. use other available options), “pick up a new screen saver” (?), “steal our promo posters” (pls just send gifs), and “get a cool new Netscape browser icon” (what is netscape -ed.) Virtual Backgrounds
Jump Art
studio store Check out the retro store while you explore the retro site.
Planet B-ball In the before times, there was a Planet B-Ball where you can find out about the NBA players featured in Space Jam: A New Legacy, check out Quicktime VRs of the Jordan Dome, view behind-the-scenes Quicktime clips of the basketball sequences being shot, and click on a link to the NBA. This planet no longer exists, instead visit and to learn more about the athletes who are in the film.
Jump Station In earlier times, we would have provided you a list of links to visit on the World Wide Web. We think you’ve got this covered now, so we retired this section.
behind the jam No Spoilers!
credits You’ve been stalking the team behind the original site for years, you think the new guys want that too? Just DM us on Twitter.
credits Did you know the original web site for Space Jam is still on the Internet? Click here for the fully immersive experience!

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